Sturgis Orienteering Challenge
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ABOUT: Using a map and your smarts, (gps can be helpful but not necessary) small teams navigate their way to control flags on a course to score points within a set time.  The goal is to score as many points as possible within the time limit. The team scoring the most points wins. It’s challenging, fast-paced and fun! Awards will be presented for the competition. (All team vehicles must be highway legal to enter the competition)

TEAMS: We encourage teams of 1 vehicle and two occupants in the UTV class and 2 vehicles in the ATV class.

CONTROL: A set number of control flags will be revealed the morning of the event (All controls will be located on legal ATV trails within the Northern Black Hills area) Each checkpoint along the course is called a control. Usually an course has several controls. The number of controls will be announced when checking in for competition. Participants find their way using maps given at registration to go from one control to the next. On the ATV/UTV Orienteering challenge course, each control is marked with a control number. To verify that each control was found you will record the control number in the passport given to you at the registration and you must take a picture and show the picture at check in at the end of the ride.

TIME: Teams will have six hours from check out to check in to find as many controls as they can. Anyone coming in after the time limit will be penalized 25 points.

SCORING: To secure and score a waypoint “Tag” you must write down the number of the waypoint number in your passport. Each control will be variable points between 10 &25 points and scores will be added at the end.  Teams will not know which waypoints are assigned what points until you return to the registration station.  If teams are tied with points at the end of the competition winners will be selected on time.


AWARDS: The top 3 teams that successfully locate and document all ribbons/tags within the allotted time will receive a prize package. If no teams can successfully locate all the controls in time, the winner will be the teams with the most points accumulated.