The Navigator Games
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The Navigator Games 

Event Overview – The Navigator Games is a navigation event in which two-person teams using UTV, 4X4, Quads, off-road motorcycles incorporating maps, gps, and roadbooks in which the teams will travel to checkpoints and collect points. Points are accrued at each checkpoint. Checkpoints have different points associated with them depending on the terrain to access the checkpoint. The team to accrue the most points during the given time combined, minus any penalty points, shall be declared the winner.

Basecamp: There will be three official Base Camps where teams can use as stopping places for fuel, drinks, food, etc. One Basecamp will be designated as the noon rendezvous where all teams must check in during 12:00 (noon) and 1:00 p.m. Sack lunch will be available to all teams during that time. If teams fail to make the rendezvous during the time set, they will be accessed a penalty.

The course is kept confidential and is not published until fifteen minutes before the team leaves. Teams will start in a staggered start in one-minute intervals. Teams will draw for starting positions.

The Navigator Games is not a spectator event; Only the two teammates may be in the vehicle. Friends, family, or personal mechanics do not accompany the teams.

All teams must have a working handheld GPS unit or smart phone with Avenza maps downloaded with them so they can input waypoints for CPs from the roadbook. The GPS along with the Avenza maps will help you navigate to these CPs.

Scorecard – Before the start of a stage, all teams will receive a Scorecard. The Scorecard must be presented to any Rally Official upon request. The team is entirely responsible for the accuracy of the information on the Scorecard.

Roadbook - This is a document containing various pieces of information to facilitate teams navigating to checkpoints. This document contains spaces to write new waypoints in and the number on each CP you visit. This will be your score book that will be turned in at the finish.

CP Collection – CPs may be collected at any time; however, all Green CPs must be collected in order to have Blue, Red or Gold counted. If all green CPs were not collected no points will be given for any other CPs.

  • Green Mandatory- 10 points Competitors must collect the Green CP’s. If a Green CP is missed or not collected by the CP closing time, there will be minus points given for each CP missed. Green CP coordinates will be given out at the Friday evening meeting/social. You may preload them in your Avenza maps at this time. Teams may begin their strategy at this time.

  • Blue Optional- 25 points Competitors may collect or skip a Blue CP. Blue CP will be given in waypoints and must be plotted on the Avenza map. The Blue CPs waypoints will be listed in the Roadbook at race start. You may put them into your Avenza Map at anytime once they are handed to you.

  • Red Optional- 50 points Competitors may collect or skip a RED CP. Competitors must plot the CP on the map by using the waypoints given in the Roadbook.

  • Gold – Optional– There are three gold CPs and each are worth 250 points. You must find all green CP flags before you can do the Gold challenge. Once a team finds all the green CPs, Competitors can take their scorecard to one of the designated basecamps and if all green CPs can be verified the team will be able to receive the Gold CP waypoints.

Basecamp Locations - During the event, teams may only receive fuel at designated Basecamp Locations. Teams fueling at locations other than Basecamps will be penalized 100 points.

Fuel Cans - Teams may not carry additional fuel cans (Jerry Cans) either inside or outside of their vehicle.

TRACKING AND SCORING - The scoring will be completed after logbooks are turned in at Home Basecamp. All logbooks must be returned by 5:00 p.m. Scores will be added that evening and winner announcement will be at the Social/Awards program that evening.

Points - The team with the highest points score will be declared the winner,

Tie-Breaker - If a tie exists between any of the top three competitors of either class or overall, after the completion of the event, the tie will be broken according to the following rules:

  • The team with the highest total score of all collected Red CPs shall be the higher ranked team.

  • If a tie remains, the team with the highest score at the noon hour check in shall be the higher ranked team.

  • If a tie remains, the team with the highest total Gold scores shall be the higher ranked team

What contestants will be given.

What they will see when all CP’s are entered.


Decisions & Strategy in the Hills

44.412871, -103.512608

Teams must evaluate the maps and plotted CPs carefully. They must also decide if they will take a heading and stay on the trail or choose to travel more easy routes like County roads or Highways to their CPs. Each team will start with 15 miles of black top they can travel. Teams must record in their books every mile traveled on black top. Teams traveling county roads and highways beyond the allotted miles given will result in 50-negative points for each mile traveled over their allotment. Going across blacktop from a trail to another trail does not need to be recorded.

The primary navigation tools is the Avenza map, and a GPS unit.  The rally supplies the maps, roadbook, scorecard, and CP Guide detailing the CP locations and key information.  

The checkpoints are rated as green, blue, red and gold, indicating the level of difficulty in finding the CP.    The team must record each CP find on their scorecard. All boxes must be filled in.

Penalty points are subtracted from the overall score. The team with the highest score after penalty points are subtracted will be the winner of the Navigator Games.

Prior to the event, the exact placements of CPs are only known by the course and land management officials and not published until the day of competition.

Responsibility - Off-highway driving can be an inherently dangerous activity which should only be undertaken by competent, experienced, knowledgeable, and fully present and aware individuals. Each participant assumes the risk of bodily injury, death, or property damage when they participate in an event.

Although safety is a concern, the City of Sturgis cannot be held responsible for the safety of participants.

Ignorance - Participants are responsible for knowing the rules and regulations of the rally. Ignorance will not be considered an excuse for rule breaking.

Laws - Participants are responsible for knowing and obeying the laws of the land. All posted State, County, Municipality and private property signage must be obeyed. Failure to observe any local, state, or federal regulations, whether republished specifically by the rally or not, may result in a penalty or disqualification to the team depending on the infraction.

Drug or Alcohol Use - Participants shall be fully responsible for knowing and abiding by all local, state and federal laws regarding drug and alcohol use. During the time any participant is participating in any event during the Sturgis Off-Road Rally, no competitor may be under the influence of ANY substances or drugs or alcohol.


Friday September 10, 2021 - 6:00 p.m. All team meeting & orientation at the Knuckle Saloon Pavilion

Saturday, September 11, 2021 – 6:30 a.m. Team Check-in at Rally Point

7:00 a.m. Team Start

Noon – 1:00 Basecamp Check In

5:00-6:00 p.m. Teams check in H-D Rally Point

6:00 p.m. Awards & Social (H-D Rally Point)