Forest Frenzy Gravel Grinder
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Forest Frenzy Gravel Grinder:

On October 3rd we will be running our first ever Gravel Grinder. Gravel grinders are gravel road races and rides that combine riding on surfaces such as asphalt, gravel, dirt, some single-track trails and maintenance or ORV roads. The courses vary from hard-packed dirt to softball-sized rocks. This describes the Forest Frenzy course to a T! Not to scare you off, this event is intended to be a fun, yet challenging. It can be a grueling course traveling over Forest Service Roads and ORV trails, some with rocky sections that may test your endurance. But we think you will agree that the spectacular vistas are worth the effort.


This ride is not skinny-tire road bike friendly. If you have a fat-tire bike, mountain bike, or adventure/all-purpose bike you will be able to do this ride. If you are riding a gravel/cross bike this is the Black Hills so plan on running wider tires with more tread. We recommend at least 40mm wide tires for cyclocross bikes and riding a mountain bike with 2.0 tires or bigger wouldn't be a bad choice either, especially if you are more comfortable on a mountain bike. There are lots of rocks and rain ruts crossing the dirt road sections in numerous spots, so when in doubt, check your speed a little. Although there are sections of gravel and almost 20% of road in the approximately 60+ mile event, the non-road sections will make you savor the pavement and all the amazing views.

This year will be much more than just a "gravel grinder"; it will be a rugged and beautiful off-road adventure so plan accordingly.


So, come join us! Laugh, exercise, socialize, talk, laugh again, meet new people and create new friendships, but most of all RIDE! Ride individually or better yet bring along some friends. You can come to race or just ride; you can compete against the group, yourself or your mates if you like. The satisfaction is not only the wonderful scenic vistas you will enjoy, but when you reach the end there will be great food, drink and music.


All categories will stage at least 15 minutes prior to start time for instructions on completing the ride.


64 Mile Grind - Timed

47 Mile Grind - Timed

Forest Frenzy 25 Mile – Fun Ride

    • 8:00 am start as mass roll-out for Long Course

    • 9:00 am mass roll-out for 47 Mile Grind & Short Course Fun Ride

    • Timing for all categories will begin at the start/finish H-D Rally Point Plaza

  • All categories will stage at least 15 minutes prior to start time for instructions on completing the ride

  • Neutral roll-out start (Police Escort) on Main to the Gravel.

  • Riders need to stay right and not cross the road divider on black top roads (during the neutral roll out)


Many will choose to ride, rather than race and take advantage of the views, the libations and the serenity.

There will be a dedicated course sweep for all course lengths. 

The Ride will be held rain, shine, sleet or snow. In the event of extreme weather or natural disaster, the ride may be shortened, postponed or canceled without refund.


Registration Opens July 1st



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